Strep, Mono, and Flu Tests

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Strep, Mono, and Flu Tests On-site 24/7

At Supreme Care ER, in Jersey Village, we offer on-site 24/7 testing services for Strep, Mono, and Flu. Our dedicated team of medical professionals is committed to providing swift and accurate diagnostic services for your peace of mind.

CT Scan Service On-site 24/7

Diagnostic Applications

These tests are essential tools in diagnosing infections and illnesses, enabling our medical team to formulate an effective treatment plan tailored to your needs. Strep, Mono, and Flu tests help identify specific pathogens, allowing for targeted and timely medical intervention.

Warning Signs to Seek Our Services

If you experience:

  1. Persistent sore throat
  2. Unexplained fatigue
  3. Flu-like symptoms
  4. Difficulty swallowing or breathing
  5. Severe body aches

Don’t hesitate to visit Supreme Care ER for immediate evaluation and testing.

The Risks of Delaying Emergency Care

Delaying testing and treatment for Strep, Mono, or Flu can lead to:

  1. Complications
  2. Spread of infection to others
  3. Prolonged illness
  4. Increased severity of symptoms

Choose Supreme Care ER for timely and efficient emergency medical services.