Never Worry About Surprise Medical Bills

Never Worry About Surprise Medical Bills from Supreme Care ER

One of the biggest fears for individuals seeking emergency care is the possibility of receiving an unexpected medical bill, commonly known as a surprise or balance bill.

At Supreme Care ER, we understand the concerns associated with surprise medical bills and want to assure our patients that they never need to worry, thanks to the No Surprises Act that came into effect in January 2022.

At Supreme Care ER the finest emergency room in Jersey Village, Texas, near Cypress, we’re happy to provide you with the emergency care that you need in the event of a medical emergency.

What Are Surprise Bills and Why Do They Happen?

Surprise bills typically arise when patients require emergency care and visit a healthcare provider outside their insurer’s network.

Even if you choose an in-network emergency room, there’s still a risk of surprise bills if an out-of-network doctor unexpectedly treats you.

Out-of-network providers, including emergency rooms and specialty doctors, have not signed service contracts with your insurance provider, leading to potential differences in the service charges.

Before the No Surprises Act came into effect, when insurance companies denied coverage or underpaid for emergency medical services, patients could be directly billed for the balance – an unfair practice known as balance billing or surprise medical bills.

How the No Surprises Act Protects Patients

The No Surprises Act has significantly changed the landscape for patients in a positive way because it removes patients from billing disputes between healthcare providers and insurance companies.

Now, providers and insurers must negotiate outstanding balances without involving the patient.

For example, if you require emergency medical services from an out-of-network provider, you’ll be billed the same way as if you had visited an in-network facility. The new billing structure also applies to any medical services you receive after being stabilized by the medical team.

In Texas, specific insurance laws further protect patients from balance billing in medical emergencies where patients lack a choice of doctors and air ambulance services.

Protecting Your Rights as a Patient

While you will never receive a surprise bill from Supreme Care ER, it’s crucial to remain vigilant and safeguard your rights as a patient by:

Requesting a Detailed Invoice: Always request a comprehensive invoice. This allows you to review for duplicate charges, services you did not receive, or coding errors that could potentially inflate your bill.

Contact Patient Advocate: If you have concerns about your invoice or suspect an overcharge, contact the administrator at our facility. They can address your questions and liaise with your insurance plan provider to ensure you receive the maximum benefits your plan allows.

At Supreme Care ER, we go above and beyond to advocate for our patients’ rights to top-rated emergency medical care.

You can trust us to provide the care you need without worrying about surprise medical bills. We are committed to being there for you and your loved ones when emergencies arise.

At Supreme Care ER in Houston, the finest emergency room in Jersey Village, Texas, we’re happy to provide you with the emergency care you need in the event of a medical emergency. We are conveniently located at 9530 Jones Road, Houston, Texas, 77065. We’re fast and remain open 24 hours year-round.

Where to go in Case of an Emergency?

At Supreme Care ER, our doors remain open to provide the very best ER care for you and your family. We’re located at 9530 Jones Road, Houston, Texas 77065.
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