Top Christmas Emergencies

Top Christmas Emergencies

Don’t let your festive holiday cheer get out of hand and land you in the ER this Christmas.

Believe it or not, the weeks and days surrounding Christmas are a peak time for increased accidents and emergency room visits.

Holiday stress is one reason to explain the increase in injuries, but it’s not the only one. Here are the top Christmas Emergencies and tips to avoid them.

At Supreme Care ER in Houston, the finest emergency room in Cypress Texas, we’re happy to provide you with the emergency care that you need in the event of a medical emergency.  We’re open 24 hours during all holidays including Christmas and New Years.

Christmas Decorating-Related Accidents

Christmas decorating is one of America’s favorite traditions. We all love driving down the neighborhood, admiring the light shows, giant Santas, and snowmen. But putting up all these decorations is not without its hazards.

According to data from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, an estimated 18,000 Americans annually visit the ER due to Christmas decorating-related injuries.

Most injuries are due to falls, but many involve tree, electrical, and candle fires.

Top Christmas Emergencies
How to Prevent Christmas Decorating Injuries
  • Place ladders on an even surface, and always have someone help you secure the ladder while you are on it
  • When placing decorations on your roof or trees, make sure to use a ladder sufficiently tall. This way, you can avoid overreaching and potentially losing your balance, and falling
  • Make sure the electrical installation in your home can support the added load. It’s never a good idea to overload your electrical circuits
  • Secure electrical cords and place them away from walk areas to avoid people tripping
  • Check your Christmas lights before putting them up. Discard any that have broken sockets and frayed or bare wires

Food Prep Accidents

Cooking for extended family and friends can put extra stress on us and lead to an increased risk of cooking-related injuries, including cuts and burns.

Preventing Accidents in the Kitchen
Top Christmas Emergencies
  • Don’t allow small children or pets in the kitchen while you are prepping or cooking, as they can accidentally cut themselves with a knife or burn themselves
  • Use a chopping board and always slice away from your fingers
  • Place knives and other sharp objects away from the counter’s edge to avoid accidentally knocking them to the ground
  • Always have someone watch over food that is cooking on the cooktop or oven to prevent it from overheating and catching fire
  • Place pot handles facing inward, never outward, as someone can bump into it and scald themselves
  • Keep flammable objects, including kitchen towels and food wrappers, away from heat sources


Many of us can’t wait to sit at the dinner table and enjoy all the delicious food. However, overeating is not a healthy habit; it can lead to indigestion and chest pain and increases your risk of having a heart attack.

Researchers noticed an increase in fatal heart attacks during the Holidays, so they decided to investigate. The study found that, indeed, many heart attacks are the result of overeating; here is why:

  • When we overeat, our body must adjust and send more blood to the digestive system so it can do its job. However, this means less blood reaches the heart, which can lead to angina or chest pains, especially in individuals with blocked arteries
  • Moreover, when our stomach is too full, it expands,
Tips to Avoid Overeating During Christmas
Top Christmas Emergencies
  • Don’t skip meals before the big dinner, instead try eating smaller meals and healthy snacks during the hours before a big meal to avoid being overly hungry
  • Eat slowly. Make sure to chew your food and wait in between bites to allow your stomach and brain to communicate and signal each other when you’ve had enough

Alcohol Poisoning

Drinking too much at parties impairs our judgment and decreases our reflexes, increasing our risk of injury.

In extreme cases, drinking too much can lead to alcohol poisoning, which is a serious and sometimes deadly condition. In addition, drinking too much too quickly can weaken the heart muscle, affect our heart rate and breathing, and impact our body temperature and hydration levels.

Preventing Alcohol Poisoning
  • Pace yourself while drinking
  • Have a glass of water in between drinks; this will help keep you hydrated and lower the amount of alcohol you consume
  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach

Alcohol Poisoning is a medical emergency; please call 911 if you suspect someone you know is experiencing it.

Respiratory Infections

The Holidays coincide with the flu and cold season. While in most cases, these illnesses don’t require medical attention, if you develop complications, including trouble breathing, high fever, and persistent vomiting, you must seek help.

Preventing Respiratory Infections
  • Wash your hands often, especially after touching high-contact surfaces
  • Physical distancing can lower your risk of infection
  • Get vaccinated against the flu and COVID-19

At Supreme Care ER, we wish you and your family a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season. Our facility will always remain open during these festive days to help you through any medical emergency.

Where to go in Case of an Emergency?

At Supreme Care ER, our doors remain open to provide the very best ER care for you and your family.
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